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Sector 7 (caldecott Honor Book)

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Sector 7 caldecott Honor Book


While on a school trip to the Empire State Building, a boy is taken by a friendly cloud to visit Sector 7, where he discovers how clouds are shaped and channeled throughout the country.
The author is David Wiesner and it was published on the 20th of September, 1999 by Clarion Books. The hardcover art book is about Fiction. The book has 48 pages and it offers a good number of lovely colored illustrations. To get your personal print of this book, click on the add to shopping cart button.

Clarion Books

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Author: David Wiesner
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Only the individual who gave us Tuesday could have devised this fantastic Caldecott  Honor-winning  tale, which begins with a school trip towards the Empire State Building. The wordless yet eloquent account of this unparalleled adventure is a funny, touching story about art, friendship, and the weather, as well as a visual tour de force. There a boy tends to make close friends using a mischievous little cloud, who whisks him away towards the Cloud Dispatch Center for Sector 7 (the region that consists of New York City ). The clouds are bored with their everyday shapes, so the boy obligingly starts to sketch some new ones.

In but another wondrous, wordless picture book by Caldecott Medal winner David Wiesner (Tuesday and June 29, 1999) , a class visiting the Empire State Building finds complete cloud cover and no visibility. One boy makes friends getting a cloud (identifiable inside the mists by the red mittens, hat, and scarf and swipes from the boy) , and goes AWOL on a wonderful adventure. The cloud whisks him away to the"Sector 7"floating cloud factory, a bizarre sky station that looks like a Victorian design for a submarine.

Hiding behind his new cumulonimbus friend, the boy enters an area resembling Grand Central Station (complete with"Arrivals"and"Departures"boards) and watches officious human types in uniform giving the clouds their weather assignments. With permission of Clarion Books. (Click to see a sample spread. Copyright 1999 by David Wiesner. The stuffy grownups are furious when clouds start emerging inside the shape of fantastic fish; they shout in the clouds, tear up the new designs, and escort the boy back to his school group. But the revolt of the clouds is unstoppable now, and in the final couple of pages the skies over Manhattan suddenly get a lot much more interesting.) (Ages 2 to 8) --Richard Farr When the clouds complain towards the boy that their assigned shapes are boring, he, a talented artist, creates new blueprints for them.


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