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Making Amazing Art: 40 Activities Using The 7 Elements Of Art Design (williamson Kids Can! Series)

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Making Amazing Art 40 Activities Using

For those who are looking to buy a child's book I have come up with some good info. Purchase a copy of Making Amazing Art: 40 Activities Using written by Sandi Henry. The author is Sandi Henry and it is published by Ideals Pubns. The child's book became available around September of 2007. The book has 128 pages. Obtain a copy of this book, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

Ideals Pubns

ASIN: 082496795X
MPN: FBA-|278892
ISBN: 082496795X
Author: Sandi Henry

Ages 7 to 13 years. -- making use of a papier-mache to create an enlarged version of a frequent object. ". Sandi Henry introduces children towards the seven basic elements of design that will help them to take a piece of art from"That's Nice"to"Wow! Features: Grid Drawing -- using a grid to divide photos into smaller parts to reproduce a photograph or painting; Cut-out Collage -- using free-form shapes cut from construction paper to make a colourful collage; Texture Rubbing -- using the bumps, grooves, lines as well as other patterns to add interesting visual texture to artwork; Complementary Colour Puzzle -- cutting and gluing shapes of complementary colours to create a striking abstract design; Supersize It! And they will meet classic masters and contemporary artists whose individual functions are based upon these same design tactics. Readers will see examples of how children their personal age use components of design in their work. These elements -- line, shape, form, colour, value, texture, and space -- are the developing blocks that all artists use to make functions from drawings and paintings to weaving and sculpture.


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