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13 Buildings Children Should Know

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13 Buildings Children Should Know

The author is Annette Roeder and the publisher is Prestel. The was released sometime in 2009. The child's art book has 48 pages. Whilst reading can be something in which everybody of just about any age can engage in, there are surely many different ways which you could make the thrill more pleasant. Some folks proclaim they don't really have time to read, yet reading can also be a wonderful use of time, particularly with the proper art book, click the weblink below.


ASIN: 3791341715
Model: FBA-|282870
ISBN: 3791341715
Author: Annette Roeder

The world's most iconic buildings are created accessible and exciting for young readers in this colorful introduction to architecture that changed the globe. Every of these buildings and more are introduced to young readers by way of lively texts and illustrations that will serve to heighten their interest and understanding concerning the world's most important architecture, and almost certainly inspire them to dream and create on their very personal. This unique book brings together thirteen architectural wonders which have intrigued children for years. This book features pyramids built by men with pulleys, a tower that leans, an opera property shaped like a sailboat, a museum built like a spiral, and the most present example, a"bird's nest"stadium exactly exactly where the 2008 summer Olympics had been held. Through activities like games, quizzes, drawings and other activities, it teaches them the history behind each and every single with every single of the buildings, and presents fascinating facts about the design, historical use, and construction techniques. Children's fascination with buildings is a natural outgrowth of their curiosity about something strange or huge or complex.


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